Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pumpkins, Apples, Oh Pie!

Fall Door
Apple Orchard
First Apple
Bag Full
Fall Damien
Fall Corn
Granny Smith
Family Apple Picking
Fall Aries
Willow Arbor
Sunflowers passed
Ripe For Picking
Pumpkin picking
Fall Farm
Pumpkin picked
Odyn's Pumpkin
Picked Apples
Pumpkin Stem
My Pumpkin
Onyx Apple Amazed
Pumpkin Mantle
Spooky Mantle
Onyx sleeps
Apple Pie 1
Fall Candle
Halloween Mantle
Apple Pie 2
We have picked our way through fall. There is still a pile of apples sitting on the corner of my dining room table waiting for something to be done with them. There has been over 4 apples pies made, applesauce, and a large pile given away.
The leaves are making quite a show around here. Some trees look like they are working inside out, changing their leaves to a bright yellow leaving the rims still green, while others look as if they are mimicing a flame. Once they have given into the wind they twirl about in the air to do one final dance - which in turn makes the cats all wide eyed and crazy.
Our giant pumpkins are proudly displayed by our door and the house is all decorated for spookiness. The oldest decided he was too "old" for trick-or-treating this year, which secretly is breaking my heart into a million pieces. But the other little ones are excited to bring home their bounty of candy to gobble up and have their costumes all ready. 
This time of year always begs me to sit down and start some projects. Right now I am working on a baby quilt for a co-worker and preparing our garage to turn into a clay studio. There are projects I've pinned, ideas jotted down, and every week go to pottery class. Tomorrow I get back another batch of items from the kiln, some of the best I've done so far. 
While I seem to be documenting my day to day far better on Instagram then on here lately - I can't wait to share all my fall projects.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Fall Beach
Sunflower Field
Damien Portrait
Stonington CT
Odyn Portrait
Mermaid Door
Old Pottery Mill Site
Stone Lighthouse
Aries Portrait
We visited the site of an old pottery mill this weekend. The kids had fun running on the pier, looking for broken pottery that still remains on the shore from the 1800's. Sail boats seemed to dot the blue crisp water, while puffy clouds drifted over head. It felt good just to get out of house. To take a drive into an unkown town, explore, and spend a day together. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Cabinet Whimsy
Holiday Crafts Feature
Jewels on the Dresser
Studio Corner
Top of the Stairs
Window Cat
German Chocolate Cake
Bathroom window
Cake Lets Eat It
This weekend, hot muggy sticky in all it's glory seemed to go by at just the right pace. It's really truly the beginning of school, even though the children did start last Wednesday - it's the start of the homework, and lessons. We have gotten ourselves back on track with scheduled bedtimes. There is plotting of time when all three children will at school and there is quite moments at home to start projects.
I'm trying to challenge myself to get back into making or working on something every night. Just to carve an hour or two out for myself. It's harder than I thought, especially when it use to be my norm. 
Recently the lovely people at Better Homes and Gardens featured me in their Holiday Crafts Magazine. I am so honored! Not only am I flattered to be featured with some many wonderful designers, it also gave me the inspiration and push I needed to keep making. So if you ever wondered how to make my Snowflake Garland here is your chance. The magazine features the step by step pattern in it. So look for it on shelves now...hopefully it will inspire you too.